Wirtschaft 06.03.2013

Reich mit Bodenschätzen

Die Eisdecke über Grönland schmilzt rapide. Dadurch werden riesige Rohstoff-Vorkommen zugänglich.

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Film Q A Chasing Ice

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YE Weather Disasters


FILE -- In this Tuesday Aug. 16, 2005, file phot…


Greenland voters go to the polls Tuesday, June 2, …


A worker at the Jinyuan Company's smelting worksho


Samples of the different rare earth elements are m


** FILE ** The crew of Danish warship Vedderen pe…

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Chinese worker pulls a cart full of coal to delive…


General view of Greenland's capital Nuuk with a ce


Fishing boats sit in the harbour in the town of Uu


** FILE ** This is a July 2007 file image of a …

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Greenland The Melting Siku

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Greenland The Melting Siku

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Greenland Glaciers

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Climate Poll

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