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Travelling with children: How to turn a long-haul flight into an adventure

A crying toddler on an airplane, right next to your seat, is probably everybody’s greatest nightmare – especially if you’re the toddler’s parent. But do not worry! With these tips, time will fly for you and your darling!

It is quite understable for a kid or a toddler to feel uncomfortable: Take-off hurts in your ears and staying in one place for hours straight seems boring.

Turn your flight into an adventure

Luckily, there’s help:

  • Explore Emirates’ award winning inflight entertainment system: children’s movies, songs and games are awaiting your little darling.
  • Use the drawing tool to express their fantasy or take time to dive into riddles and quizzes.
  • Not alone the kid’s programme is fun: why not learn about the countries and cities you are passing by at high altitude?
  • Playing cards and small games easily fit on your table and make time fly.
  • Meal time! On a long flight, you have plenty of time to enjoy a delicious meal. Choose from the day’s specialties and savour the fruit and desserts you might not have every day.

What a laid-back trip!

Still in doubt your kid will easily await the landing? Here’s more tips on what to take care of in advance:

  • Have some water prepared. Your child can take big gulps to help the ears open up. Mild chewing gum is also a healthier alternative to sugary treats that might make him or her antsy.
  • When checking in, ask for a seat with more leg space for more comfort.
  • Choose the time of the flight wisely, follow your good night rituals and keep time differences in mind.
  • Pack the toddler’s favorite toy and an extra comfy pillow to help him fall asleep.
  • The Emirates cabin crew will happily assist you in making the flight the most pleasurable.

So, all there's left to say: Enjoy your trip!

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